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$4.95 Fast Flat Rate Priority Shipping
Hello and Welcome to our new DryCam™ reseller program!
Our 2 gram indicating silica gel desiccant packs and our 50 gram bulk beaded desiccant bags have for more than 12 years been hugely popular with photographers and underwater photography enthusiasts. In fact, this is by far our largest individual market for these products.
We have been widely recommended by experts across the internet and via word-of-mouth on websites and message boards such as:

We have for some time been offering camera and scuba shops, when asked to, free custom packaging for resales of both the bulk gel and the 2 gram pillow packs.

We are pleased to now offer a program for everyone with a very low initial investment. We know your sales will be great and your customers will appreciate your offering these very effective and very fresh desiccant products. Our prices are low enough to allow generous mark-ups and still give the end customer good value for a great product and the convenience of point-of-sale purchasing as opposed to mail order or internet.

Dive and photography clubs are welcome to use this program. Great fundraising idea or incentive at dues time!

Low Initial Investment and Reorder Levels

Just $37.50 gets you started.

Fast Shipping

We ship USPS 2 Day Priority Mail, including Alaska and Hawaii, and U.S. Territories for just $4.95 FLAT RATE.

Product packaging is DOUBLE crystal clear barrier film bags with zipper seals. Suggest displaying small quantities, perhaps in a basket or glass container with a POS sign and keeping stock in an airtight container in a temperate area.

Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Best Regards, Debra Daube

DESICCANT BUSINESS IS FOR SALE due to high humidity at new shop. In business since 1997 (20 YEARS!) INCLUDES:

All reasonable offers considered.

2 Gram Indicating Color Change Silica Gel Desiccant Packs
Package of 10--10@3.75ea.---
Package of 25--5@7.50ea.---
These packs have a built-in replacement indicator. When the silica gel changes from blue to pale pink (will be purple in between) - replace the desiccant. Each 2 gram desiccant pak is sealed in super-tough transparent microperforated film - safe for contact with all materials. Packets offer effective moisture control for sealed containers of roughly a gallon or less in area. Please note that this is for storage in climate-controlled areas. For extreme situations and larger containers - use more desiccant. Each package ships in a barrier sleeve - your assurance of arrival in active condition. FDA approved for contact with dry foods and seeds and medications. The packets are nondusting and safe for electronic equipment, cameras, scuba gear (including underwater camera housings), and collectibles of all kinds. Each packet is 2 X 3/4 inches.
In Stock - Usually ships within 1 - 2 business days

50 gram muslin

50 Grams Microwave/Oven Rechargeable Desiccant---5@4.25ea.---
 Contains enough highest grade fresh silica gel (50 grams) to protect a 4 cubic foot container. Hard beaded desiccant is packed in an unbleached cotton muslin drawstring bag. When the beads turn pink - regenerate in either a microwave set on LOW or a standard oven set at 275 F. (complete instructions included). It's that simple - use over and over! Great for storage boxes. Can also be used in tackle boxes, safes, laptop computer cases, camera cases, on boats - anywhere moisture is a problem. The more airtight the container - the longer between recharges. We developed this product in response to difficulty with previous products. Many of our customers experienced melting plastic or warping metal canisters when recharging - even when manufacturer directions were followed carefully. We offered these customers drawstring bags as a work-around until we could find a better product. The customers liked the bags so much - we decided to offer the product in this form - and for up to $15.00 less than our competition charges for just 40 grams. Bag is 3 X 5 inches.
In Stock - Usually ships within 1 - 2 business days

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