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The Preservation Station™
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Sweater and Woolens Care Kit

You've invested a lot in your sweaters and fine woolens and you want them to last.

Our Sweater Care Kit contains everything you need to care for and store these garments,
ensuring your enjoyment of them for years to come.

Each kit will care for 1 to 3 sweaters, depending upon size and condition:
Sweater and Woolens Care Kit™ ORIGINAL $16.90 Add to Cart!
Do you love lavender? We can make your kit with Eucalan™ Lavender Wash and our Pure French Lavender™ sachet. Lavender is a very effective repellent and the Lavender Wash contains the same fiber conditioners in the Eucalyptus Wash. Our lavender is from Provence and is extremely fragrant and very very long-lasting. We tested many varieties before deciding on this one, which is grown primarily for it's fragrance, rather than it's decorative potential. If you love lavender, you will absolutely love this one!
Sweater and Woolens Care Kit™ LAVENDER $16.90 Add to Cart!
Do you have a lot of sweaters and woolens? Triple the number you can care for with 3 of everything above except the Sweater Brick (you really need just one of those) and save over 30%! That's 3 Eucalan Washes, 1 sweater brick, 3 sachets, 3 sweater bags and 3 packages of acid-free tissue. Available in both ORIGINAL and LAVENDER.
Sweater and Woolens Care Kit™ ORIGINAL TRIPLE $37.90 Add to Cart!
Sweater and Woolens Care Kit™ LAVENDER TRIPLE $37.90 Add to Cart!
Click on price to add extras or to purchase without kit:

Eucalan® Single Wash Eucalyptus 3pks/2.90

Eucalan® Single Wash Lavender 3pks/2.90

PS Cedar and Lavender Blend™ 2.90

Pure French Lavender Sachet 3.90

Preservesmart™ Tissue 20X30" pkg.10 5.90

Lighter Weight Acid Free Tissue 15X20" 2.90

Breathable Sweater Bag Large 18X20" 3.90

Restora™ Sweater Brick 2.90

$4.95 Flat Rate Priority Shipping
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